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Hi, I just recently bought a 23" Fluid television to use as a computer monitor, and while using an HDMI cable for video and sound it works, but it appears slightly blurry on 1920x1080 and the TV makes a buzzing sort of noise. When using another resolution it still looks blurry or distroted, but no buzzing noise. But when I use the VGA cable it works perfectly, the only reason I want to bother with the HDMI is so I can keep using my old screen as a second monitor. My video card is a HD Radeon 5770 and is up to date on its drivers.
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  1. Go into the menus on both the monitor and in the ATI display configuration program, and try out turning on and off the underscan/overscan options and see if that helps.
  2. That does help when i turn overscan all the way to to the end, although doing that its too big. Its going off the screen a bit.
  3. The electronics of the TV seem faulty. Never heard of that brand, although it must be a non-US model. I'd exchange it for a different brand.
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