What is the purpose of portrait monitors and would any monitor do?

I've noticed some people with dual monitor set ups use a second monitor in portrait mode (i.e. like this or this). I figured this would be good for web browsing as a 1080 pixel width should be more than enough room to show a web page well, as well as with chat windows.

But are there any other purposes to this? Is that extra length of space really noticeable?

Also, would any monitor be okay for portrait mode? Or are there special portrait monitors? I currently have an Acer G235H, and I planned on getting a second one for this.

And lastly, has anyone tried Monoprice's LCD monitor stands? Are they good? Is there any other ones that might be better? I'm thinking of getting one from them.

Thanks ahead!
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  1. 1920x1080 is 16:9 ratio widescreen.

    wide screens are less than ideal for word document editing, working on vertical oriented graphics, certain spreadsheets, viewing webpages and in general interfacing with anything which stresses vertical over horizontal. some users use 3x portrait mode monitors as a widescreen display as 3x landscape mode monitors would be ultra ultra widescreen and not suited for many tasks.

    landscape and portrait are software driven and i believe any monitor will work. not all stands support this though and some monitors might not support aftermarket stands. you have to look this up.

    even on a 1600x1200 4:3 ratio monitor portrait mode is noticible. i would imagine 16:9 to be even more so but i havent used it myself. if you have a need for it, go for it.
  2. Portrait mode is basically good for type up / reviewing documents. You can fit a full page document in either landscape or portrait mode, but in portrait mode the text will be larger. This is especially true if the document is intended to be printed on legal size paper rather than standard size paper.
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