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Hi all,

I want to buy myself a new monitor for my gaming pc. THe games I play are most off the time FPS, like BF3.
At this moment I have an old screen with maximum size 1280 x 1024, and on the interne I found this screen Samsung S2B370H with these specs:;mi=start;smi=product;lang=nl&lang=&shopname=dddistribution;

Is this a good screen for me, my maximum price is € 300?

Thanks for all the help!
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  1. The ViewSonic VX2753mh and the LG's W2363D are two of the best gaming monitors on the market in terms of refresh rate and picture quality. I am not familiar with the Samsung S2B370H, but the 2ms response time is excellent for gaming..the 60hz input rate is not the best but this should be a reasonable gaming monitor for the given price (assuming you don't find a better deal) if you choose to buy it. Good luck!
  2. Which manufactur has screens of 120 Hz? Do you have some examples?
  3. The LG W2363D has 120hz and also makes for an excellent gaming monitor. Take a look at this and some other LG's for the best deal possible (this one goes for as low as $250). Here is a review:,2817,2381128,00.asp
  4. Thanks for the reply!
  5. No problem, I hope the purchase worked out!
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