Dell xps screen problem after backlight replacement

So I have a dell XPS m140 whose LCD screen went out a while back, and this is what I did:

-Replaced the inverter, it worked for a few minutes. Then, lower corners of screen got hot, started going black, screen died again.

-Next, ordered and replaced the backlight, using the replaced inverter above. Worked for a few minutes, then same thing started happening.

Anybody else have that kind of problem before? I feel like it's a problem of a faulty inverter somehow shorting my backlights, but I wanted to check around before I order yet another inverter.


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  1. Make sure you're using a properly matched backlight and inverter. Using the wrong bulb or wrong inverter will cause premature backlight failure. If you replaced the original inverter with a new, incorrect one, then your problem went from a "bad inverter" to a "wrong inverter".
  2. K that's what I thought. Will try another inverter and see if that works. Thanks!
  3. Hmm...seems I've lost the original part. Any idea how I'd go about finding the inverter part number without the original piece?
  4. K08I024.01
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