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So I was looking through a couple of different gaming mouse pads that might tickle my fancy when I stumbled upon the Cyber Snipa Tracer Illuminated Mouse Mat.

I was devastated to see that the only option for this mouse pad was blue LEDs, which won't really fly with my otherwise all-red setup. Digging a little deeper I discovered that the same company (or at least I believe they were at one time affiliated) made a mouse pad back in 2006 called the FlexiGlow xRaider Mouse Pad that did essentially the same thing as the Tracer, but came in Blue, Green, Red, and a Shifting Color version. I Googled this and found that all of the websites that at least at one point stocked this product were completely out of stock in RED and I was able to find on multiple occasions the GREEN version, which even Amazon still has at least one of. I searched through 20 pages or so of Google's obscure websites and could not find even a shady website (apart from one that was as clear as day a no-fly zone) that claimed to have the red version.

This got me wondering if it would be possible to buy the Tracer and then replace the blue LEDs with red ones. Does anyone think this would be at all possible without damaging the product, or is anyone aware of a similar mouse pad that illuminates in red? Now that I know they exist I'll not be able to let it go until this is completely resolved :p.

Thank you in advance.
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  1. as long as the leds and wires are accessible from the outside (ie, not cast in place or placed between two glued slabs of plastic) then you can do any modification you want. you might need a dremel and the results are likely not going to be as nice looking as stock unless the leds arent glued or otherwise secured in the sockets.

    without close inspection..there is no way to tell what is going on.


    completely your call... but other than aesthetics there really isnt a need for such a mousepad.
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