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Ok so i have recently been experiencing problems with my Hp dv6 laptop.The problem starts when I start playing Cod4 or any game from anywhere to 2 to15 min of gaming.The laptop just randomly freezes.At first I thought it might be due to overheating,but I cleaned out the vents and the fan.The graphics chip and cpu both share the same cooling fan.I also replaced the thermal paste with Arctic 5 Silver for both the cpu and gpu.I never had this problem when I bought the laptop in July 09.

One thing though I am able to play Starcraft 2 for extended periods and no freezing ,but only when it is at lowest settings,as soon as I start to put high textures and such the laptop freezes and also I lose internet connection right before it freezes.I have also run cpu burn test to full load while at the same time running a gpu benchmark and no freezing whatsoever.I was sure it would freeze because of heat ,but to my suprise it did not.Only while gaming at higher settings and sometimes even at low.I have ran memory test aswell and did a clean install of windows.

The laptop never freezes when browsing the web or watching movies only gaming :(

What can be the problem?

So please I beg of you,HELP me please.I want to play COD4 :( :( -_-

Here are my specs:
Hp dv6
Os:Windows 7 originaly Windows Vista.
CPU:Amd turionx2 ultra @2.2ghz idle temps@63c-65c
Gpu:Ati mobility radeon 4650 @550/667 idle Temps@60c
Ati catalyst 10.12
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  1. I haven't come across a dv6 but the dv6000 was notorious for failing due to overheating problems. There's even a page on the HP website where you can input your serial number to see if yours is one of those machines entitled to out of Warranty free repairs.
  2. I have a notebook with almost identical specs. It's the HP Artist Edition II. I could run it at full speed for the first 2 - 3 months but since then it would freeze up in games. I sent it to HP for repair (under warranty) and all they did was clean it!
    I bought a cooling pad for it and I monitor the temps but like yours, it doesn't seem to be overheating.
    I have changed the power settings from hi to balanced and using the catalyst settings, changed the performance values to reserve battery even when plugged in. That seems to help a little but it will still freeze after an hour or two.
  3. @ Saga Lout,thanks for the help,but unfortunetly I am not entitled to out of warranty repairs.
    @BusyRabbit,I manually set my processor usage to 80% and the laptop does not freeze,but I do lose performance.I am totally confused as to what might be the problem.
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    did you actually remove the thermal mats or anything? some of them are required (DV2000/6000/9000) - the gap may be too big for thermal paste etc

    I have also noticed with a few AMD's in notebooks they generate excessive heat after a couple of years (there fine at first etc) but pass all tests still like something changes, its as if they dont idle correctly or something but everything else says its working fine just they start to run like an oven...

    Then again Compaq/HP is pure rubbish...

    Actually that reminds me - update the bios, reset the cmos (may require a hiren cd or unplug the CMOS battery or use a special hotkey to reset it) and that may solve the issue - also seen this a few times, also check in the bios for an option for the fan always spinning etc, and perhaps some software to force the fan speeds up too?
  5. @apache_lives I'll go ahead and try and update the bios,but I have checked the bios and "Hp inside"does not have any options for fan speed.As for the thermal mats the gpu and cpu did not have any, just dried up thermal paste.

    I'll update shortly and thanks for the recommendations hopefully I can get this problem fixed.
  6. Ok so I updated the bios ,but still the same problem.Weird thing is that when I put the processor to 90% maximum usage it does not freeze or shut off,but as soon as I put it to 100% it just fails to respond .
    @apache_lives what will removing the cmos battery do?Will it reset hardware settings?
  7. @ PcVeteran: How is your system performing now? I can't get mine to run for more than an hour before it freezes. HP doesn't want to deal with it at all. I'm was trying to see if there was a recall or known flaw in the processor but so far nothing. Not sure how easy it is to find a replacement CPU?
  8. Actually the same problem is occurring, but I manually adjust the Processor usage to 90% using Powerplay and no freezing occurs.Weird thing is that the tempertures stay the same whether it's at 70 80 90 or 100% load,seems to be either a motherboard problem or a faulty Cpu and not overheating(load at 65c).

    Only thing is that it's a heck of alot slower even at 90%,but only noticeable when gaming.Try using powerplay and adjust the Cpu.

    Overall it works,but just not how it used to.

    It's fairly easy replacing the cpu ,but im just not too sure if it's exacly that.You can try purchasing from Compubee.Let me know if you find anything more about this problem.
  9. Well it appears poor performance and lockups is the least of my worries. Now the notebook won't even turn on! It powers up for 3 - 5 seconds and then turns off. I am thinking it is a power problem since the charge light only stays on for 20 - 30 seconds and then stops. Won't power on with just battery or plugged in.

    Sent several hate mails to HP for good measure :-D
  10. LOL well it seems like HP is no good ,well maybe 50% of the time,but next time I'm sticking with Asus or something more...... O I don't know not made from cheap parts LOL.
    You should try and clean the laptop from inside,maybe there's a loose connection or something.
  11. PcVeteran said:
    LOL well it seems like HP is no good ,well maybe 50% of the time,but next time I'm sticking with Asus or something more...... O I don't know not made from cheap parts LOL.
    You should try and clean the laptop from inside,maybe there's a loose connection or something.

    I completely gutted the thing on the weekend for just that purpose. Everything looked fine. Hardly a spec of dust and no loose wires. Only thing 'annoying' was the mess of thermal compound on the CPU and GPU. I removed it all and put on a proper amount, but once re-assembled, it did the same thing. spins the fans and shuts down :-(

    I'm pulling the 500GB drive out of it to put in my PS3. At least something positive can come from this :-)

  12. If there are two sticks of RAM in there, try removing one. If you see the same result, swap around to remove the other and pop the first one back. If you don't have one, it's worth borrowing one to try the experiment.
  13. LOL I was thinking the same thing I"m going to put in my 320gb into my Ps3.

    Also seems when I do enable Cpu usage to 100% it cuts off WLAN until after I restart again.So I'm thinking it's something more other than the CPU maybe a circuit or my main-board.
    Arrghhh I really enjoyed my laptop when it worked,but now it just saddens me :(

    I replaced my memory sticks a while back ,but still the same problems even after putting in my old 2gb stick.

    Any ideas anyone????Please help!!!!!
  14. Bump, anyway it seems like you have a heatsink problem maybe replacing it will solve your problem although I have no clue where you would get a replacement for it,.
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