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Hello all,

I am on the quest of finding the best (yeah i know, no such thing exists) gaming mouse for the money. Or more like for a ~65 euros budget money.

To keep it short - My Ikari Laser mouse's left button started acting up lately, and it's out of warranty. I absolutely love the Ikari's ergonomics, having big hands i like a large, heavy, palm grip mouse. I am tempted to go ahead and buy a new Ikari, but i am kinda scared of it failing again.

I've spent the last two days looking at reviews all over the net, picking my next mouse. The criteria:

* Very good, palm grip right-hand ergonomics.
* Build quality (clickers, sensor, cable, slide)
* Price of ~65 euros max

So far i've narrowed down my research to a couple of different models:

Logitech g700
+ many buttons, without being absurd
+ good design, big and heavy
+ 1khz refresh even through wireless
- it's still a wireless gaming mouse, a bit fishy even after all the 1khz flare
- battery life
- probably worse sensor than other brands

Razer Imperator
+ 4g sensor, latest gen
+ supposed build quality
- it's a bit small and light for my liking, not all that ergonomic as they say it is

Cooler master Inferno
+ great design
+ great price
+ many buttons
- smaller than the rest
- "lower quality" sensor

Cooler master Sentinel Advance 2
+ great design
+ just enough buttons for my liking (4 really)
+ new sensor
- sensor fails at 8k dpi, which is absurd anyway
- the metal mesh supposedly started peeling and rusting on the older model

and finally, the "if all else fails" option:
Logitech G500

Soooo... Any opinions on my selection? They are all in my price range, and judging by the various reviews i have read it's mostly a matter of personal taste. What i am looking for is personal experience with one or more of the mice i listed, some sort of "hands on" comparison with a bit more than 1 week use, things like that. And any information on inherited defects, like the Kone+ scroll for example.
If anyone has other suggestions that comply with my criteria, i'd happy to read them too... :)
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  1. Cooler master Inferno
    + great design
    + great price
    + many buttons
    - smaller than the rest
    - "lower quality" sensor

    Love this mouse using it now.
    Tons of settings.
  2. How long have you been using it? Any noticeable wear on the buttons? Can you compare it to some other major mouse you've owned before?
  3. 3 months.
  4. Come on guys, i need more input on this one... No one knows anyone?
  5. I have an issue with my Inferno where it is not detected on restart - this occurs whether or not I use the Inferno software/drivers. It is necessary to unplug/replug with every boot to use the mouse. VERY Frustrating.

    There is no way it will save settings in this condition.

    I've had the mouse for 4 days, running Windows 7 Pro on new build. Older trackball mouse has no issues, nor do I have any problems with other USB peripherals.

    I've read about similar complaints on the internet, some from pre-2012, and there apparently is no repsonse from Cooler Master and no support of any kind. The lack of customer service demonstated may be enough to prevent me from purchasing Cooler Master products in the future.

    In the meantime, I unplug/replug and search Google in hopes that someone has stumbled upon a fix...
  6. I ended up picking the CM Storm Sentinel 2, it's not half bad. Less comfy than my old Ikari, but it's alright. As far as performance goes it's alright. Great software, good build, good design. The buttons are a bit hard to push and sometimes the RMB would make weird noises when clicked, but that's about it on the negative side.

    Note - the Sentinel 2 turned out to be longer but thinner than the Ikari. I'd rather the opposite, but oh well.
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