Can a Intel 166 run without a cpu fan? Justcurious


I just built my sister a Duron 800 system
and they have me there old 166 to play with parts etc..

Well i wanted the cpu fan off of the processor for my video card etc.. just want it

can i run this 166 without a fan and just a heatsink?
I mean i have heard of this but i wanted to ask....

If it wil overheat i wont by all means but i wanted to ask.
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  1. yes you can
    we used to build hundreds of systems like that
    a few years ago

    I want a tbird
  2. I'm pretty sure that you can. But it also probably depends a lot on the heat sink itself.

    I've seen a P1-166 running without a fan, but the heat sink was rather large. (Large for such an early chip.)

    Where as my own P1-133 has a fan on the heat sink, but the heat sink itself is very small. So I know I'd never try to run that one without the fan because I couldn't trust the heat sink to dissipate enough heat alone.

    So if you think the heat sink without the fan is large enough to actually cool the chip, then go for it.

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  3. Yep, I have an old system from Compaq that came with a P200MMX and it doesn't have a fan on the heatsink.

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  4. I'm running my P200mmx with no fan. No stability problems either.
  5. Yes, but the heatsink has to be large, and you have to have adequate case ventilation.

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  6. The low quality fan on my p166 went bad after several years of operation and NT Server started to crash on me. It was a small heatsink but upon replacement started working properly.

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  7. I have a PII 350 with just a HS, no fan. Never had a problem for 2 years now.

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  8. Yeah- i've seen a ton of manufactured computers from Packard Bell, Dell, etc. with HUGE heatsinks on the processor and no fan. I'm talking HUGE- bigger than Slot A/1 heatsinks.

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  9. ive got a p90 running at fan and a just a small heatsink. but it crashes when you try and play quake 3 on it :)

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  10. i've got a k6-266 with a heatsink, no fan, although the heatsink is about the size of the one on my tbird- anyway- it runs just fine, however, the pentium and k6 is probably like comparing apples and oranges, i just felt like putting in my 2 cents.
  11. You can buy a new fan for $5 at a fare if you're worried.

    I read about this guy who didn't like noise, so bought a new K6-2 550MHz (not very common these days) and set it, on his old motherboard, to 3x50MHz from 5.5x100MHz, so it ran at 150. This was cool as ice, and ran even without a heatsink (for a short time). I think you could make ice cubes by placing a cup of water on the chip's die (j/k).

    I guess manufacturing processes really do improve. (this story is not certified. I agree it probably ran fanless, but without a heatsink? Hmm...)

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