Can you help me with this bsod information?

i got this bsod while playing bf:bc2 for about 15 minutes. i've never gotten a bsod before. something tells me it could be OC related? i have my graphics and my cpu OC'd. e6750 @ 3.4 and radeon 5770 @ 925/1275. i have had it at those settings for a while and played bf for a while, so it would surprise me if that were the problem. any ideas? all this info they provide for the bsod isn't helpful to me...?

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  1. When I have a BSOD issue I can't solve by googling the error message, I post the dmp file on Windows7 forums. But first I'd try dropping the OC's a bit to confirm that it is or is not an OC issue.
  2. when you say post the dmp file, do you mean what i just posted?
  3. how in heck do you open a dmp file??? i downloaded this debugger thing from windows and then it's saying change it to a symbol and open from cmd?? what?
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