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Hi All. I have poked around on the web quite a bit but have not found a good resolution to my situation/ question, so thanks in advance to all who take the time to respond. Ok here is the question: I ran the SFC/ SCANNOW and it runs and states that it has found some corrupted files but cannot repair all of them and it has created a log file (one weird thing is that windows doesn't want me to look at the log file). I was thinking that Microsoft has some feature (Windows Live?) that will do a online scan and repair or replace a system file, is that correct? I wasn't able to find it on their site if in fact they do offer that feature, the "fixit" thing is not what I need. The OS is Win 7 home 64. I have tried a repair install in win XP in the past and didn't have any luck as it usually meant a complete reinstall. My question is this; what is the best method to scan and repair a win 7 installation short of a complete reinstall? The reason I am dragging my feet on doing a fresh install is that I have a dual boot system with XP in the other side so I can run Quick Books Pro 2005. QB5 will not run on Win 7. If I do the fresh install then I am going to Raid 0 both the XP and 7 partitions which won't be a quick operation to set that up.
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  1. 1. Tried "System Restore" ?

    2. Recommend skipping the RAID 0 thing. There are very rare instances where RAID 0 does anything to increase performance on a desktop.
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