Samsung S27A350H 27" monitor wont power on after firmware update

Hi guys,

I was attempting to upgrade the firmware on my samsung 27" S27A350H monitor via the software firmware updater. It got stuck at 10% and would not move past it (let it sit at 10% for about 4 hours).

I rebooted my pc, and now the monitor will not turn on, do any of you guys have any experience with this? Thanks for your help in advanced.
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  1. Contact Samsung support, if the firmware update failed it won't work again unless you can find a way to replace or reflash the chip.
  2. The same thing happened to me over this weekend.

    The firmware update didn't even fail, it appeared to complete. But the unit powered down during the installation (as it was supposed to, according to the installation guide), and now it won't power back on. I wonder if there is some bug with the no-press buttons?

    I called Samsung and they told me that I could mail it back (shipping at my cost, $150 parts and labor estimate) to have it "looked at" since the warranty is up.... the firmware on this is obviously an issue on their end.

    Ideas / responses appreciated!!
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