Need some help between Alienware and Hypersonic

Both seem to be reasonable and quality built systems. I looked at Voodoo and Falcon-NW, alittle to much for me right now. I do not have time to build my own and plus, one is going toward my family. Need the technical help just in case from buying from a vendor if something goes wrong. Any comments or suggestions about either one? Thanks

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  1. I would start by checking Read the individual comments too, not just the summaries. Look for patterns.

    Before you actually place an order, be sure to ask how long before they will ship, and when they bill -- at time of order, time of shipment, or what.

  2. I don't know anything about Hypersonic but Alienware has a great rep and has won numerous awards. They currently have the Computer Gaming World's Lean and Mean Machine and their Ultimate Gaming Machine awards. Gamecenter gave them a great review before they went under (due to overlap w/ Gamespot). I actually made a purchase from them and it will be arriving shortly (I hope).

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  3. Not to mention alienware has the coolest looking cases.
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