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So, after quite a few years, 4 to be exact, I am thinking about upgrading monitors. Now, with all these new monitors out there I don't quite have a clear picture of what I should be looking for, after all I haven't had any contact with this for a few years.

With that said, here's what I have as of now:

Now, I am looking for a monitor in the 23-24" range, but I would like to stay around the $200 mark. This monitor will be used for gaming, I don't really use this desktop for anything else, maybe some movie watching, but mainly gaming.

First, what should I go for, a 23" or a 24"? I would like to have the bigger, but in that price range, what would be best? Second, what do you guys recommend, in the 23" and 24" area, for me? Shoud I be worried about refresh rates? What are the main points I should be looking at?

Also, is LED backlight worth the price?

My price range is not set in stone, I would just like to get the best bang for my buck, so please feel free to make suggestions!

Thanks :)

Oh, and I am running an ATI Radeon HD 6950.
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  1. We cannot visit the link you posted...
  2. Ooops, added it on there, my bad.

    After lots of research this is what I am thinking of going with, any thoughts?
  3. Take a look at the VS239H. Its the latest update to the VS series and it now has IPS for $189.99.
  4. bullwinkel said:
    Take a look at the VS239H. Its the latest update to the VS series and it now has IPS for $189.99.

    That does look good, however I have a concern, is the 5 ms a problem for gaming?

    I read somewhere that I should go for 2 ms on gaming monitors.
  5. I don't think you'll have any problem. I think you have to be pretty super human to notice...
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