HP Compaq 6830 battery problem

I own this laptop, and about 2 weeks ago it didn't want to charge anymore.
Like, I have windows 7 and it says "Plugged in. Not Charghing" and my battery is at 0%.
I've tried a couple of tricks from google:
-device manager, uninstall those battery things and reinstall them
-stop the laptop, remove the battery, start it, shut it down, and replug the battery
None of them worked, if you'll be kind enough to help me, it would mean the world to me.
I need the answer quickly, if possible...
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  1. The first question is how old is the battery? If it is fairly old and used a lot, i.e. off AC, chances are that you need a new battery.
  2. 2 years old.
  3. Head to the link below and download the software. I believe that it is shareware, so it should be good for a pass or two. It'll tell you the condition of your battery:

  4. I have exactly the same problem also with a 2 year old 6830s. Please let me know if you find an answer. pauljs@iburst.co.za
  5. The 6830's came with cheap batteries, mostly a smaller 6 cell at 4800 to 5200 mAh and 2 years is about the life span of one of these. I'd look for either a cheap replacement and expect that it will ahve to be replaced so often or spend the extra and try and find a larger cell battery.
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