Windows XP Doesn't Recognize Video File Format?


I recently bought a Sony HDR-CX260 Camcoder. I'm on a month long trip in Europe and last night I tried to dump my videos from the cam into my Acer Netbook. It appears that Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002 does not recognize the video file format of the video files from this camcorder. I can't transfer them from the cam's drive to my netbook's hard drive.

I had no problem at home transferring these video files to a PC running WIN 7. Does anyone know how to resolve this?


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  1. windows recognizing a file type and being able to transfer files are two different issues. rename a file to any extension and it will still transfer fine, the file extension only acts as a link to point to which program to use to open the files. no, renaming will not solve your issue, it was an example.

    my guess would be that for some reason windows xp is not autoinstalling the drivers for the camcorder when you connect it. normally when you connect via usb the camcorder or camera should show up as a device. i suppose the camera not being on would also cause an issue.

    without listing the details of every step you do and writing out what error windows appear or what exactly happens its rather vague and only an equally vague answer can cover it.
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