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This is my first time using this forum. Anyways I have a Toshiba A505 laptop. I have an issue where upon start up the operating of the laptop is dreadfully slow and it never gets better however I can restart it and it will run fine usually. Any Idea what the problem could be?
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  1. If the computer runs okay once it finally starts, it is possible that you have merely allowed too many programs to add themselves to the Start Up option so that they all start along with Windows whether you need them or not. Go Start, All Programs, Start Up and weed out anything you don't need.

    Another possibility is that your hard disk is running out of space so the swap file is being decreased with a resulting loss of virtual memory and speed.

    I'd have a look at free clean up programs like EasyCleaner from one of the download sites like FileHippo etc.

    If that doesn't help my usual reaction when a computer behaves as you describe is to reinstall Windows. Whether this is an option for you depends on the level of your knowledge of how Toshiba set the computer up -- whether with a restore disk, a full copy of Windows or a repair partition. Whatever, be sure to back up your work to removable media before doing anything.
  2. Thanks for your response Fihart... The computer doesn't run okay when it finally starts. It will run slow for hours.. I have tweaked some start up programs to get rid of the ones that aren't necessary so this shouldn't be it. As for the Hard drive space I have 361gb free. I do know how to reinstall windows but I was hoping that this wouldn't be the solution lol
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