I bought an HP IPS for my desktop. Need 2nd monitor strictly for games

I purchased an HP LED 24" 6MS ZR2440W IPS. I would like this to constantly run my desktop, email, web browsing, music, etc. as a second screen. Now, I would like to purchase another monitor for gaming. It will be directly in front of me, so it doesn't necessarily need to be an IPS.

I would prefer if it costs less than $700.

I play both slower games and faster games, so foremost I want great picture quality, but to a lesser degree, a monitor that can handle frenetic FPS games.

The GPU will be a EVGA GTX680 4G FTW.
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  1. What about the BenQ XL2420T?

    I read some reviews -- seems it's one of the better TN LCDs. Has some nice features.

    Not sure if it's good enough though. :pfff:
  2. I went in a different direction. Yamakasi Catleap Q270 SE 27" LED WQHD DVI-D Monitor *Perfect Pixel.

    I'm no expert on setting up two monitors, but I expect it simply needs a dual DVI-D cord to connect to the card, and then a DisplayPort cord to connect the HP to the card as well.
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