Weird Green and Red dots all over my screen

hi, ive been searching google about this problem of mine regarding my screen, but i cant find the exact solution. the thing is there are lots of glittering green and red dots appear all over my screen when i tried to bump the refresh rate to from 60hz to 120hz. usually i dont have this problem when im using 60hz, but my friend gave his nvidia 3d kit and tried to use it on my PC since my monitor can support 3D vision (LG W2363D) infact, it has a nvidia 3D vision ready sticker. was my monitor gone faulty or my GPU (nvidia GT 440)??

PC specs:
Intel Core 2 Duo e8500 OC @ 3.4 Ghz
Corsair 2 x 2GB XSM2 RAM
P5Q-E mobo
coolermaster real power 450w PSU

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  1. Could be the video cable also. Maybe not the monitor, can you try it with a different computer?

    Try a higher-end video cable. That card is not the best but should be able to output at 120hz. Maybe try a lower resolution, that may clear things up.
  2. I just had this exact same problem, googled it, and found this thread. In my case, the problem was the video cable. Unfortunately I had already gone out and bought a new GPU (I was due for an upgrade anyways though).

    Examine the ends of your video cables. Are the pins all straight? One of mine was bent and wasn't inserting properly, which is what caused the problem. I bent it back into its proper place and now my computer is as good as ever (including my upgraded GPU).

    Imagine how angry I was when I got home and my new GPU was doing the same thing. Oh well. Happy now!
  3. I had this problem with my monitor. In the monitor settings I turned my Trace Free all the way down to 0 and I didn't see any dots anymore. Not sure if it will help your issue but good luck!
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