Go with the Atlhon T-Bird C, DDR, SDRAM?

This is my puzzle:
- Getting a Athlon 1Ghz T-bird FSB 200, SDRAM PC-133 (MotherB: Asus A7V PC-133 AGPpro)Geforce 2MX card.

- Or... Atlhon 1Ghz FSB 200, DDR PC1600 (MotherB: Asus A7M for DDR FSB 200/266) Geforce 2MX card.

It's really worth the DDR, if i got a 5,400 ATA 66 Hardrive?
Where is the bottleneck? (Is dramatically a boost the DDR)
IS the T-bird a heat provider or a CPU?
Do i get the FSB 266 for DDR 2100 or is not computer-safe?

THANKS,for U'r time & Help.
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  1. Well no. Do not go the ddr route with an athlon-b (200MHZ FSB). This coupled with PC1600 DDR SDRAM was shown to be slower than an athlon-b with PC133 SDRAM on the KT133 or especially the KT133A mobo's in the majority of benchmarks. In my opinion, as well as the benchmark's opinion, you should only consider DDR if you use an Athlon-c (266MHZ FSB) and PC2100 DDR SDRAM.

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  2. Thanks, didn't know that.
    By the way where i can see that benchmark (link, please)

    So basically if i got a Atlhon-b FSB 200, is better to stay on SDRAM PC133 than DDR1600 right?. The change is only worthly if the DDR is for Atlhon-c FSB266 DDR2100. ok!
    But isn't Atlhon-c FSB266 having a lot of trouble and noise & inestability with DDR2100 = it is safe?.

  3. You can still go the DDR route with a T-bird "B" by overclocking your FSB to 133 and using DDR2100 ram. But I would just pay the extra bucks for a "C" and use DDR2100, which is quite stable and a better performer than you'll get with only 100 FSB.

    The catch is that there are no great DDR boards out right now. The Asus A7M266 is good if you don't want to overclock but otherwise wait for the MSI MS-6341 K7 Master or the VIA KT266 chipset boards to come out.
  4. Actually I've heard that the A7M266 has had some major stability problems. So much so that Asus has discontinued the board. But that still seems to be unconfirmed at the moment. Like you said, everyone seems to be waiting on the Via chipset.

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  5. Ok.. so I've seen a couple of posts indicating that ASUS has discontinued the A7M266 board. Can someone post exactly where they have found this data?

    When I go to the ASUS site, they clearly show the A7M266... as if there's nothing wrong. There's only one post in the MB FAQ's, and that's about pc2100 memory only getting 200 FSB... and that's cause the user has a 100 FSB AMD...

    Any information on where asus has discontinued the A7M26 would be appreciated.


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