Help Plz

I recently was asked to fix a friends PC.

The problem baffles me and I dont know how to fix it.

Windows 2k is the OS.

Somehow all .exe files got set to being opened with microsoft word and would not run but only got opened.

To remedy this I tried regedit but it would not run, so then I removed msword to try and fix it but now nothing will open the files.

The problem only affects the administrator area and none of the other areas, I need to fix this ASAP without if possible reformatting etc, I did work as an Systems admin for several years and I know win 2k back to forunt but I have never seen this sort of problem this serious.

Plz help me......
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  1. I do not believe a virus is possible but it is not possible to check ofcourse....

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  2. Fixed nevermind
  3. how did u fix the problem?
    tell us!!
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