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hello. I am planing to buy a laptop.
But in my budget these two laptops are there ASUS K42JA-VX032D & ASUS N61JQ-XV1.
Which one is good? specially I bought laptop for entertainment purpose like gaming.
If there are others then please suggest.
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  1. I just bought the N61JQ, i must say its a hell of a machine. I really enjoy everything about it. Keep in mind, this is my first lappy, but i have been building computers since i was 10, so i know my fair share. However, i havent quite figured out how to run the dog crap out of it yet, so far it runs every game i play with ease. Cant complain about that! It looks good, feels great, and is light. The battery absolutely sucks on it but who cares....go plug it into something.

    All in all, for the money i got mine on amazon for 899, it was 100 bucks less than Newegg and on top of that it came with a free 1 year accident warranty, drop it, spill crap on it or make it explode within a year and they give you another :) Pretty sweet.
  2. So what you say... Should I buy it? Or you have another option. What about DELL XPS?
  3. I think the one year "Whatever happens to your laptop is covered" warranty that comes with this is reason enough to buy it, along with all the decent hardware thats included with. Yes, i def think u should buy it.
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