Windows cant boot with raid 1 HDD's

I purchased 2 500gb hdd's for a raid 1 setup. I already have a 128gb SSD with my operating system that i plan to leave untouched. i simply want to install games onto the hard drives in raid 1.

I have an m5a99x evo motherboard by asus. My problem is that whenever i turn on the raid in bios, press control+f, and set the 2 drives in raid 1, windows 7 cannot boot. If i select the restore, i cannot access my system image from my external hard drive and it cannot solve the problem on its own.

If i select, continue regular boot-up, the windows logo starts to appear, then the whole pc boots up again.

I would greatly appreciate any help on this problem, thanks!
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  1. Do you know how to edit the registry? This is supposed to do the trick. Boot into Windows with it back the way it was before you tried raid and change:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\iaStorV Start to 0
  2. Windows was installed with AHCI drivers. RAID controller normally need 3rd party driver to operate. You have not installed those 3rd party drivers so when your computer boots it crashes and reboots.

    1). Force install RAID drivers onto the AHCI controller and then reboot with fingers crossed, if this fails you may need your backup
    2). Setup your RAID setup in the disk manager, this is a software option and has the benefit that it is hardware independant but has poorer performance
    3). Carry out a fresh install of Windows, this time with the RAID controller active and install the drivers as you go
    4). Get an addon card RAID controller and setup your RAID array on that

    Lastly, RAID 1 is drive mirroring which only ensures your computer keep running if a hard drive fails. I think you mean RAID 0 which increases performance by striping the data across the hard drives.
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