What mouse pad to get for the R.A.T. 7?

Hey everyone,

So I have just ordered a Cyborg R.A.T. 7 and that's great in all but I don't have a good mouse pad to go with it :( I was looking in to the Razer Ironclad, but then I saw all the scratches and peeling problems so now I'm having second thoughts and I need you guys' opinion on the matter. What mouse pad is best for this mouse? The two most important things for me are the cleanliness of it and the tracking/precision. So what do you think I should go for? Sorry it's so basic, but I am in a bit of a rush.

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  1. a plain black cloth covered foamrubber mousepad you can get anywhere for $5. i prefer the 1/4" thick ones you can get for a little more at staples.

    do you really want to spend $58 on a piece of plastic that does not improve your game at all? for a quarter of the price you could get a basic mousepad of the same size that will work just as good.

    believe what you want... just realize that most of the products directed at gamers are often not the only, and sometimes not the best choices.
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