Spec'd my system. Comments welcome.

Ok, I've done mucho research and am very curious to hear the opinions of the natives. Here goes:


Antec SX830 $74 $19.14 shipping 800-939-3948 EMS COMPUTING


AsusTek A7V133 $135 $11+UP 408-720-7718 BEATPRICE.COM


AMD 1.2Ghz Thunderbird $239 $6.95 800-394-4503 THOMPSON'S


512MB Crucial PC133 SDRAM $180 Free www.crucial.com


IBM Deskstar 75GXP 45.0GB $152 $11+ 877-433-3257 SALESLINE.COM
ATA/100 7200 RPM


Globawin FOP32-I $18 $5 888-AXION55 AXION TECH.
Arctic Silver Thermal Compound $12 $7.95+ 713-789-1966 POWERUP, INC.
6.5 gram tube


Thoughts welcome!!
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  1. Dude what comments do you want? U did the research u found a good price for your system... Ooo i know quick lets all praise him and tell him he got a wicked system and i wish i had one. Go away, and stop using up board space.

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  2. Give the guy a break...he's just asking for opinions. I plan to do the same once I've got my next system spec'd out.
  3. redo the math on the price... if that's what the 771.08 is at the bottom.
  4. so i'm assuming everyone in this forum is not like the first poster. (cough) flamer (cough) Being that this is my first system that i've ever built, i want to make sure that i'm not forgetting something or doing anything wrong. forgot to add the price change should be another 40 bucks or so, because i decided to get more memory.

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  5. Dude, you didn't even tell us your graphics card. Is that the Thunderbird-b or c?

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  6. Video card? Sound card?

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  7. oops, so right now I have an Elsa Gladiac Geforce2 GTS 32MB and a Soundblaster Live Value card. I could upgrade the video card now, but shouldn't I wait until the Geforce3 comes out?
  8. Which 1.2 Ghz? B or C, retail or OEM? Make sure you know the difference.

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  9. I think C OEM, but I'm not sure. I probably want C non OEM eh?
  10. $771.08?

    Let me guess, AOL is kicking in the other $100 if you sign up for 3 years?
  11. what are you going to do for a video, sound card? or cdrom? cdburner?!!!

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  12. Shipping costs are getting up there. Have you considered finding a single vendor that carries all of the components that you are ordering? It could save considerably on the shipping.
  13. If you want C non OEM you want a MSI K7 Master motherboard, and DDR ram (get 128 now for 165$..and buy more when price drops.) You'll also have to wait to like end of march for the processor and mobo.

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  14. From everything I've read the GF3 is going to start at about $600. If you've got a big buget then go for it, if not stay with the Ultra, they're bound to go down in price once the GF3 is available.

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  15. AHAHAHA, what a joke... you expect that to work?

    check www.alienware.com and notice how they quit selling that AMD 1.2 w/A7V133 mobo.. I wonder why??

    Sure every AMD lemming is gonna chime in FUGGER is wrong, blah blah blah, but take a min follow the threads in this form.

    GL, buy more AMD (lemmings)
  16. The only suggestion I would make is to find a sight that ships a flat rate for the items you are looking for. Each part may be 5-10$ more expensive but overall you'll pay less in shipping charges.
  17. > Which 1.2 Ghz? B or C, retail or OEM? Make sure you know the difference.

    Ok, I'll bite.
    What is the difference between retail & OEM?
    I'm guessing retail comes with a POS heatsink/fan that I'll throw out anyway. What else?

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  18. Read <A HREF="http://forumz.tomshardware.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=faq&notfound=1&code=1" target="_new">Stable's comments</A> on OEM/Box differences.
  19. Instead of just telling you it sucks, here is a link.

    Read a fe A7V problems and start puking.
    This board is doomed!

    WTF do I have to be the one to point these things out?
    you AMD lemmings can keep spewing "what incompatabilities" but from all the posts from pissed off Asus A7V owners it sure looks very bad ATM for your arguement. WOOT VIA~! keep up the good work =)
  20. Wow, thanks! I'll be spending a few xtra $ for boxed!
    Has anybody heard anything about the Intel & AMD price cuts that are supposed to be happening this week? Pricescan doesn't seem to show any yet.

    In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice.
    In practice, there is.
  21. I think you mean pricewatch. I still want to know if the only advantage of the copper core is that copper dissapates heat better than aluminum.

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  22. > I think you mean pricewatch.

    Actually, I mean pricescan. Same premise as pricewatch, but I like the interface better.

    In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice.
    In practice, there is.
  23. I ordered my MoBo, CPU, Heatsink, HDD, Video card, and 2 case fans from one vendor. Paid $18.something for shipping total. Checked out Pricescan and gotta say I like Pricewatch better. Anyway, take the top 10 prices on pricewatch and put them in Excel, format them a little nicer. Do so for all the major system components you are going to be getting. Then sort by retailer. Find someone who has all of the components you need, or most of them. Atacom is pretty good. Just avoid Dynasty Express. Also, check out Resellerratings.com before you commit to a vendor. And you can buy stuff locally and pay tax but pick it up to avoid shipping.
    Also, with everything hitting the market (Athlon C, GeForce3) I would wait for a month or two to buy. Even if you don't buy a GeForce3, the price of the GTS and Ultra should drop significantly. You could save $100-150 on the CPU/GPU if you wait a month. Go with Crucial memory, free shipping! Also, if you can, ship it UPS and ask the company to get you a tracking #. Most will no problem. Any questions on my opinions?

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  24. <font color=green>best advice:</font color=green>
    CHECK <A HREF="http://www.resellerratings.com" target="_new">http://www.resellerratings.com</A> BEFORE ordering!

    u got good components all the way round.
    almost like what I 'jes built.

    don't you believe 'bad press' about the asus a7v133.
    it is a hell of a mobo. just take your time and read the well written manual and you wont make mistakes.

    my biggest warning: you can do what you did and price shop everything BUT be prepared with shipping delays. Like a lot of things, pick 2 out of three:
    a - quality
    b - cost
    c - service

    you've already chosen a & b.

    i tried to get all three by ordering almost everything from Paragon. big mistake. they are cheap. but that's all.

    even though i was told 'in stock' they never shipped and after 2 weeks i ordered elsewhere.
  25. strange, very strange...

    "akuna mutata" braza... :wink:
  26. pumba, you're a frikin idiot! Stop posting your stupid messages!

    "I think I brained my damage"
  27. I try to stay awar from the best deals on pricewatch based on prior expeirences. These companies are not as reputable. Also when ordering from that many companies you are almost assured that one of them is going to screw up and you will not be able to test the system until you get most of the parts. I suggest buying as many parts as possible from one vendor. You could get the motherboard, cpu, and hard drive from www.mwave.com for the same amount ($555) after you include the savings on shipping. Mwave does not have the best prices but they are relatively good. This way many of your parts will be shipped together and you can test them all at the same time, and complain to only one vendor if they screw up. I think it is good advice.
    Oh yeah, the athlon at mwave is an athlon b so it may be different than the cpu you have listed since you don't know what it is(it is probably an athlon b as well).
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