Difficult choice between keyboards!

Hi everyone, i only have these two choices, or if you can find a keyboard from australia that is $100 no more then suggest it.

I have the choice between a

CM Storm Trigger with Cherry MX BLACK switches.


Razer Blackwidow Expert with Cherry MX BLUE SWITCHES.

I like the features of the trigger, but i don't think im heavy handed enough to like the mx blacks, becuase i think my hand will get fatigued quickly because i do a bit of typing aswell.

But im not sure if i will like the clickyness of the mx blue switches.??

Please i need help! thanks!
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  1. i used buckling spring keyswitches for years which are the most resistant type available. yes, even more than the blacks. i never had any problems.

    i can say that having a key which has "letoff" is a good idea. keyboards with constant pressure (such as rubber dome switch keyboards and one of the cherry mx.. i think the blacks but check on this) require constant downward force to keep them pressed. keys with "letoff" require the force until a breaking point then the reistance drops out and the key bottoms out. quite nice to type on actually.

    as far as clickyness, the buckling spring keyswitches are again the loudest you will find and honestly i never found it bad. any of the new switches are not even close in how loud they are. yes you will hear noise, but your mouse clicks when you press the buttons also so why would this be a problem? your current keyboard makes noise when you type so why would this be a problem? the noise will be a little higher pitched but not much worse than your current keyboard sounds while typing at a rapid speed.
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