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i have no screen saver password on my acer aspire one as bought as a shelf model [cheaper] i have changed the root password via the terminal but it doesnt accept this when i try to change the screen saver password? whats a girl to do?
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  1. hey sorry just to make this a bit more easy to understand, there is an existing screen saver password but its not enabled [thank goodness] i need to change it so i can enable it but i dont have a clue what the old one is? im running on linpus linux lite. thanks x
  2. As stupid as it may sound, I'm more versed in "low-level" Linux stuff (did some basic kernel programming, services, scripts and general command line stuff) so I cannot help you directly. However, this seems to me like a question more related to Linux than the Notebook, you might have better chances of finding an answer if you asked there.
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