My original q was..How do I see all the WIFI networks in my area or neighborhood. They will not show up on my desktop but will on my wife's laptop.
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  1. Why would you want to see them...

    Unless "someone"wants to find an unsecured wi-fi connection and be able to use their internet without paying for it... or even see if they can access their systems... perhaps... maybe?

    If it's perhaps a free wi-fi point as a business promotion you are looking for, they will provide their access info. Otherwise, their networks are none of your concern.
  2. Do you have a wireless card in your computer?

    Go over to your neighbor's and ask them if you can use their internet. Your stealing services - the same as if you connected an extension cord up to one of their outlets.
  3. Sounds like the wife's laptop has a stronger wireless card than your desktop so is capable of picking up the weaker signals in your area -- chances are if your desktop is not picking them up then the signal from them is just to weak by the time it reaches your location to be useable or your desktop would also be picking them up.

    As others have said no real reason to worry about them unless they are causing interference on your connection and then just to switch the channel your router is using to avoid the strongest interference and for that just use your wife's llaptop to see what channel they are on.
  4. Answer ..laptops show this info. Desktops do not. LOL
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