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I currently have 32 bit, but I want to upgrade to 64 bit. I bought Windows 7 about a year ago, the digital version. I was wondering how I can get from 32 to 64 bit, do I have to do a complete wipe and reformat with 64 bit? If so, is there a clear cut option when reformatting to choose 64 bit? I don't remember seeing anything last time I reformatted.
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  1. Going from 32bit to 64bit will require a clean installation (format & reload)

    You will need to get the 64bit install media to install the 64bit version. There should be a link and instructions in the email you received when purchased the license
  2. Yes, you will have to do a complete re-install
    You will have to choose the custom install option during installation. Then format the the old windows partition using "format drive" in "advanced options"

    As a side note, you can use the Windows Easy Transfer tool to transfer old accounts and documents to the new system
  3. Do I download the 32 bit.exe files or the 64 bit.exe files?
  4. zex_vex55 said:
    Do I download the 32 bit.exe files or the 64 bit.exe files?

    Most 32-bit programs work perfectly in 64-bit Windows . However try to get the 64-bit versions when possible.
    The only exception are the drivers. You need to download & install the 64-bit drivers for all the hardware you have. 32-bit drivers won't work with 64-bit OS and vice-versa.
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