Windows 7 black screen with curser?

Hello, I was using my computer yesterday, plugged in a usb and began to notice some strange things. Firstly, my computer began to lag really badly, so much that it took over 2 minutes just to open a word document. So then i decided to restart the computer. It did its normal thing but after the windows loading animation, instead of showing the log in screen, i see a black screen and cursor. I tried to find a solution; system restore, safe mode, taking out the usb , none of them seemed to work. I really need the files on my computer so please help.

p.s ctrl+alt+delete does't work on the black screen
p.p.s In safe mode, when it's loading drivers, it stops after having loaded "avgidseh", I don't think its this drivers problem but maybe the one after.
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  1. Boot a live CD like linux or hirens boot CD, see if you can save important stuff, then reformat and possibly buy a new hard drive.
  2. I was able to log on somehow in safe mode, but the computer is extraordinarily slow. So this is probably the real problem. My computer has become so slow that i thought that the black screen and cursor was the problem. In other words it was just the system loading.
  3. So i still can't find a solution to my computer slowness, is there a way to check for issues on the computer thoroughly?
  4. Change your hard drive may be it will work.
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