Dell XPS M1530 fan stops working after boot.

When the laptop turns on, the fans start than stop working, windows boot's up normally but the fan does not spin. I have flashed the bios with the latest A12 version, I have reset the CMOS, I reinstalled the os, but still no changes. I measured the power coming from the pins when the system starts and it initially gives a ~1.5 volt charge and than 0 volts. While looking around the bios for the 100th time to see if I missed something, the fan started up, I booted windows, but after 2 minutes or so it stopped working again. I also tried changing the power settings in windows, but still nothing. I'd like to add that all this started when I installed speedfan on the laptop, but since than the os has been reinstalled, bios has been updated and reseted so I'm thinking any damage cause by speedfan should have been repaired. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Speedfan can't damage your fan hardware. Reset your BIOS to its default setting and try again. Also make sure SpeedStep is enabled.

    BTW, does the fan kick on as you use the system or does it stay off all of the time?

    You are describing, potentially, a hardware issue. If resetting the BIOS doesn't help, it could be a temp sensor or fan issue.

    Good luck!
  2. Reset the cmos, as in I took out the cmos battery which resets the bios. The speedfan was a long shoot since it started when I installed speedfan, but that might be coincidence.

    The fan starts when I start the laptop and stops after that, I imagine it's a system diagnostic making sure everything is working fine.

    The sensor is working, since it displays temperatures in hw monitor under windows and the fan is also working since it starts up, I measured the pins through which it should be getting the electricity to function and as described after the initial jolt it doesn't get any electricity.

    There are no fan related options in the system bios, I imagine laptops are less configurable than desktops.
  3. Yep, coincidental and your are right able laptops typically having fewer options than desktops. Dell really limits your options regardless.

    It really sounds like the mobo's power management functions are working and it doesn't power the fan unless temps increase to a certain point.

    However, could also be an ACPI issue. Check to make sure you have the latest BIOS for your system installed. Even if already installed, reflashing could correct any possible BIOS issues you have.

    Good luck!
  4. It was running on an A07 bios and I updated it with the latest A12. I mentioned that in my original post.
  5. Understood, but you might want to re-flash to the A12 version. You have made a lot of changes and may have an issue in the BIOS load itself now. Certainly won't hurt anything and could resolve any potential BIOS related problems.

    Just to be clear, does the fan ever turn itself on when the system is running?
  6. Also, is the BIOS profile set to the default settings and what OS are you using? And, have you run the Dell Diagnostics program? If so, what were the results?
  7. Ok I will do that. No, with one exception which happened while I was looking around in it's bios and lasted about 2 minutes while running windows, but than it stopped and wasn't able to repeat the situation.
  8. Yes the bios is set to default, the os I'm running is windows 7, but the problem started on windows vista, I ran the diag program when it was still using vista and the fan worked as it should, I will run it again just to make sure and will post back the results.
  9. OK. 32-bit or 64-bit Windows 7?
  10. 32 bit.
  11. Also, try going into your BIOS and disabling SpeedStep. This will force the system to run at the highest level all the time (vice stepping down to conserve battery life and reduce heat). Doing this should force the fan tooperate all of the time. Just want to see if the fan can be forced to run at this point.
  12. max90 said:
    32 bit.

  13. I disable speedstep, it didn't have any effect...
  14. Might be time to get Dell Tech Support involved. Is the system still under warranty?
  15. Unfortunately not, but thanks for your help.
  16. The fan seems to have started I'm waiting to see how long it will work.
  17. It worked at a very low rpm, but after windows was booted it stopped.
  18. It may be a matter of replacing the Processor Thermal Cooling Assembly:

    You should be able to find this from several Dell "recycling" sources.
  19. Okay thanks for the info, but I tested the fan separately just to make sure it works I connected it to a battery and it worked fine.
  20. This may also be because of the GPU. Check out this link and contact Dell:
  21. The fan starts working at a low rpm when I stay in the bios for a few minutes.
  22. max90 said:
    Okay thanks for the info, but I tested the fan separately just to make sure it works I connected it to a battery and it worked fine.

    Understood. So, power gets sent to the fan at power up and then stops. The fan works otherwise. The sensor works because hwmonitor sees it and reports temps. The fan never comes on while the system is in use.

    You are down to a defective mobo (darn near everything is integrated into it). You can get a replacement mobo at:

    Search on M1530 and you'll see 2 motherboard options. I have used these guys several times. I HIGHLY recommend them.
  23. I was afraid you might say something like that and I also suspect it, thank for your time.
    By the way the fan stooped again and this time I didn't exit the bios, I think it thinks it's april fools.
  24. P.S. It started again while sitting idle in the bios.
  25. It is not unusual for it to spin up and down, but for it to stop is not normal. Worth checking with Dell to see if they will replace as a result of the lawsuit because of damage (potential) caused by the GPU and its impact to the mobo.

    If they won't, you are out nothing (but the time) and you can replace the mobo yourself. Not hard, just tedious.

    Good luck!
  26. I know, I had to take it apart to reset the bios :). Thanks for all of your help.
  27. max90 said:
    I know, I had to take it apart to reset the bios :). Thanks for all of your help.

    You are welcome. Good luck which ever path you take.
  28. Dear Max90, I just experienced the same problem with my M1530's Fan after booting to Win7.

    I recently took apart my laptop to clean the dust and pulled the fan apart to clean out the blades.

    When I press F2 to start the setup the Fan will continue to run even in the Desktop.

    Again I have the same problem, fan starts on Bios A12 screen, then the fan shuts off on the Desktop. If I press F2, do nothing in Bios, it will run in Desktop.

    Good Luck
  29. max90 said:
    P.S. It started again while sitting idle in the bios.

    Hi were you able to solve it?? or what remedy did you take !! plz share as i am having same exact problem.
  30. ***SOLVED!!*** (Pics are here. Cannot upload for some reason)

    I rerouted the power for the fan to a nearby positive. Upside is that the fan will be working. The downside, if you consider it to be, is that the fan is always on full power. This IMO is a better option that replacing the motherboard and requires very little disassembly to make this work.

    Unplug power and battery
    Remove red wire from fan plug
    Solder red wire to "+" side of resistor (this is marked with a + on it)
    Plug up power to test
    If everything works, reassemble and you're done!

    My speed fan temps were 65+ C for my GPU before doing this and are now 40-45 C

    Good luck! If anyone has questions about this you can msg me.
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