Setting the INTEL crowd Straight

Lets first agree on one thing ok?

Cyrix sucks, it has always sucked and always will suck.

AMD on the other hand has always had a good processor that got the job done cheaper.

Now AMD is a great processor and can get it done cheaper.

Intel makes great processors too, but no company is perfect

Each company has flaws, each company has a past.

This is a never ending debate

The point is in the past all i ever heard from all my friends with Intel processors were, they all said its ok... but it has lower Floating point.

Now the tables have Turned and everyone i know has a AMD inside there machine, come to think of it, i dont know 1 person-family, friend with a Intel inside.

I tell all of them, before you buy a pc, check the processor speed and brand and compare it to the competition and check out

My 65 year old gramma went online like i said,
read how good the Athlon was foor price and performance and she bought a system and now she is at home downloading some old mp3's from frank sinatra.

The point is both companys make good processors
depending on what you want to do with it,
Don't call one down saying its supreme crap both are good contendors, but 1 has peoples respect.

I own a 1992 vw Jetta and its quality and i enjoy driving it and its what i like.

A friend of mine leased a 2001 civic, and you know what my Jetta kicked the [-peep-] out of his new civic when we raced, and its 9 years older.

The point is it works for me
you dont have to spend a pile of money to have something good and awsome you know.

I feel good that i am different and not following every new fad on who is a tad faster or a bit better in this.

Buy what you can afford, what works for you and what you want. read reviews get peoples opinions

And MR man was right
this is just some attempt to get some attention you loner.

If you want to support a company who overcharges you and if your happy forking out that big down payment for your intel processor congrats then

you've been suckered in
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  1. Well,

    For my 1st system build (yes - I'm a complete novice, no experience of PC building or PC hardware as such - does this make me a bad man at age 27?) I built a PIII 733 system. Now it was okay fast for what I wanted, but now I want more. (gimmee more, must have more...)

    It was never that stable - but then I never leave the darn thing alone long enough to find out why. My next system will be an AMD 1.2 (or whatever is the fastest at the time) and I'll I'll see if I can figure out any differences.

    For sure I've be researching a LOT more and trying to learn. I'll have a play - maybe even get a cheaper Athlon as well af the final to practice OC and heatsink ettiquette etc.

    I am interested to see how it goes...

  2. Cyrix made some excellent 486 processors.

    Suicide is painless...........
  3. Nice poem.

    "akuna mutata" braza... :wink:
  4. "Cyrix sucks, it has always sucked and always will suck."

    Can't agree!

    The original Cyrix 686 ran Windows and Business applications faster then did its Pentium counterpart. It did it at lower clock speeds as well. It just couldn't play games....
  5. Cyrix procs sucked. Had a Cyrix 686 I think it was that always crashed, ran like poo, then I took it out and put a Pentium in, the system ran flawlessly. Same mobo, same everything, just different chip.

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  6. I have worked on almost every kind of PC. While the Cyrix 686 had poor FPU and a higher rate of defects, the Cyrix 486 was a very fast processor compared to the Intel 486.

    Suicide is painless...........
  7. I don't know if they will but I hope that cryix do make good CPU's again it would be nice to have a third competitor in the market......

    UK Prices are <font color=red>toooooooooo</font color=red> high , keep competition going to bring em down :smile:
  8. VIA bought the Cyrix brand from NSM and are now manufacturing 700MHz Cyrix III processors of their own design.

    Suicide is painless...........
  9. Yep I had to Cyrix 80 Mhz myself, they flew. But not for long, because Cyrix couldnt keep up in the Mhz battle.

  10. Cyrix 166+ was the fastest and cheapest 133mhz cpu, and thats a fact.
  11. were you hassling me or not???

    WAIT...i dont care


    nah, youre a good guy, tbird....

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  12. heheheh if you are defending a company like have been suckered in...and raped in the anus....amd hates you and so does god
  13. Geee, I wonder who will get banned next?

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  14. AMD used to suck. I never even considered an AMD until the t-bird came out. (Except for the 5x86 133MHz, that was cool…) But now they created the fastest x86 processor on the market for the same price as the CPUs that sucked!

    AMD has proven that a high-end CPU doesn’t have to cost $500.

    AMD is innovating CPU technology, while Intel just re-arranges the cache on a their old Pentium Pro, increases the clock speed, and through in some useless instruction sets. AMD has more raw processing power.

    Contrary to the belief of the computer technicians at Best Buy, clock speed doesn’t necessarily mean a CPU is faster than another. It doesn’t matter how fast you go if you’re racing in the wrong direction.

    -Just my two cents on the subject.

    - I got a board too:
  15. Quote:
    Contrary to the belief of the computer technicians at Best Buy, clock speed doesn’t necessarily mean a CPU is faster than another

    I guess that makes our good friend buttplug a Best Buy "technician" then :)

    My Athlon can beat your Ferrari off the line.
  16. "AMD is innovating CPU technology, while Intel just re-arranges the cache on a their old Pentium Pro, increases the clock speed, and through in some useless instruction sets" - You couldn't be more wrong if you tried. as for AMD proving a high end cpu need not cost 500 dollars, this they certainly did, but I think turning themselves into a charity for gamers a la Q2 is a bit excessive? R & D costs money, and if they have a few more quarters like this, I dunno where their next big thing will come from?
  17. Yeah, i think amd could make anything better then intel right now. Like x86-64 is faster then IA64, AMD i hope makes something to replace Intel poorly design AGP. Intel shouldn't be the standard maker when there products are poorly designed.

    AMD user's always have the edge !
  18. I guess thats why AMD provides us with top-performance CPUs at a reasonable price, because they hate us, right? Intel's performance are pretty good as well, but their prices just plain stinks!!!

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