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My computer said i had a virus on it. and i tried restarting my computer and now it wont do anything after the toshiba logo all i get is the black screen I tried all of the solutions the f12 the f8 holding 0 buttons nothing works is this the end for my computer
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  1. When are you pressing the buttons? Try holding zero down before you turn it on and then while still holding it down, turn it on. Do you recall what kind of virus/malware it was?
  2. That is why I tell people to burn the recovery discs right buying the new laptop.

    Did you push repeatedly f12 right after turning the computer on? If all else fails you can buy the discs from Toshiba. Last time I checked was US$25 +shipping.
  3. Hello bluescorpio82;

    Try a free Rescuse CD with Anti-virus scan built in.
    You can burn a bootable CD or USB flash drive and gain access to your laptop with that.
    AVG Rescue CD
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