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i have a laptop presario 2200 (2201AS), it was giving battery backup of almost 1 hour, in "control panel-power options-power meter" it was showing battery name JM-6, when few days back it abruptly stopped giving any backup, i thought battery may be bad, i fiddled with battery(opened it to see if all cells were healthy(giving 3.7 v) and "tempered"with few connections, (i am no expert just curious kinda person),
(maybe i have spoiled the battery but problem is something else)
later i inserted back the battery it was showing as if battery is present but showing it as
Battery name : CT10 (previously JM-6)
Unique ID : 6553512321Hewlett-PackardCD10
Chemistry : LION
Power State : online, discharging (previously too showed same)
Manufacturer : Hewlett Packard

now when i remove battery it still shows same info as if Battery is still present showing Total battery power remaining : 0% (previously showed Greyed Icon of batter in power meter -no battery present, Total Battery charge remaining : Unknown
----> please help and make me understand what could have happened and why even after removal of laptop battery it shows battery type CT10 and chemistry LION ETC, WHY IT FALSELY DETECTS BATTERY THAT IS NOWHERE IN IT.
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  1. So, is the battery actually working yet?
  2. no - all messed up, i will have to get a new one, but why is laptop showing battery which is not present, ofcourse the problem is in laptop Mobo, but could it be some serious prob making a bigger hole in pocket???????????
  3. It sounds like it could be an issue with the battery sensor on the motherboard. It could be "stuck" or it could be shot. Just about the only way of finding out is to try another battery in it.
  4. ya thanks, looks like the only solution is to shell out bucks for new battery
  5. Unfortunately that is probably the only way to go. If you follow through, let us know how it turned out and if it corrected the issue.
  6. hp laptop battery broke, and can be considered for one, or return after-sales repair
  7. Felt sorry for your battery. My battery confront the same problem and I had just bought one from
    Hope you good luck
  8. Maybe you have to take a new laptop battery, go to buy one on , good luck
  9. This nacho has ceased downloading: nerds! :pt1cable:
  10. you need to change your laptop battery : )
  11. but if so cant you reset the battery?
  12. tommox123 said:
    I think the best method is replace a new laptop battery to solve your problem,in fact,you can get information from ,They are high quality product.I believe they can help you.

    Hi :)


    All the best Brett :)
  13. Hi, I have Asus notebook type A52JE (Motherboard type K52J) and battery type A32-K52. I'm looking for a replacement battery, but I don't know which to choose, because replacements are marked by various types... I mean sometimes is like "for K52J" then second one is "for A52J" it's quite a mess. The original one is 6cell 4400mAh but there are 9cell types. How can I pick the right one for my laptop?
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