Upgrading from Win7 Ultimate?

Hello, I have a touch screen monitor and will most likely get Win8. However, I have Win764 Bit Ultimate and will most likely not buy Win8 Ultimate. I was wondering if there would be any chance to upgrade to H.P. or Professional without a clean wipe. I have like 40-50 games installed covering more than 500GB and to reinstall that would be a huge pain, and Ill be getting more games soon for the Steam Summer Sale on the 12th (sadly it will most likely be the 12th :( )
Anyways, will I be able to do that (based on past upgrades) or will I have to do something else?
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  1. You can normally do an in place upgrade with Windows meaning that all your programs will stay in place.

    Alternatively, if you have used steam for all your games then you can back up your "steamapps" folder (located in your Steam folder) to another hard drive. Do a clean install of windows, reinstall steam, and then copy the steamapps folder back into your steam folder. All of you games will still be there and will not need a new install.
  2. so i could upgrade from 7 ultimate to 8 home premium/pro?
    cool! thanks!

    for the few games not on steam would i just backup the folders in program files and in the installation folder?
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