Need a new monitor! (LG IPS235V ?)

Hello everybody!

I am looking for a new monitor which I would like to have these specs:

22 - 23 - 24 inch.
1920x1080 resolution.
A decent response time. (< 8ms) (Will be gaming on it.)

I have a budget around 200€ (~247 US$) and a local store has lowered its price for the LG IPS235V to around €150
It seems to meet my requirements, but I read that the rise-fall time was pretty bad (25 - 30 ms) and that that meant it isn't suited for gaming.

Does anybody have experience with this monitor? Is there a better alternative?

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  1. Try the U2312HM. in the price point it's the best gaming monitor. It has a tested input lag of 0.6ms.
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