Poor AMD they are crumbling just like their extremely FRAGILE processors!

AMD just fell off the ladder!

"Amd cpu...Gone in 2 secs flat, it truly is a fast chip!"
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  1. Get a life you f*cking idiot!
  2. You only serve to discredit yourself.
  3. Oh good I am so glad now Intel can raise all of the prices again......

    you should really think about what you post......

    Opinions are like arseholes .... everybody’s got one.... :smile:
  4. come on....gain some respect for yourself and others here and stop posting flames....

    "I think I brained my damage"
  5. This is what I've concluded from AMDMeltdown.... He is only 13 years old and is only saying these things to upset the people on the board. There is not other explaination for it. Truly sad. Even if not, how are they falling off the ladder? Here are some recent headlines:

    AMD Headlines:
    "AMD Lands Another Corporate Supply Pact" - at
    "AMD Says NEC Will Use Its Chips In PCs Sold in European Market" - at The Wall Street Journal Online
    "AMD Wins Gartner's Midsize Enterprise Summit ``Best of Show'' Award" - Business Wire
    "AMD Breaks Ground for Singapore Test Manufacturing Facility" - Business Wire
    "AMD Announces a Major Advancement in Flash Memory Test Technology" - Business Wire
    "Broadcom, Cisco, NVIDIA, Sun Among First Adopters of AMD's New HyperTransport Technology" - Business Wire
    "ATI endorses AMD'S HyperTransport(TM) technology" - Canada NewsWire
    "AMD Profit Sharing Distribution for 2000 a Record At $103 Million" - Business Wire

    Intel Headlines:
    "Intel suffers as estimate chopped again" - at ZDNet
    "Intel's Less-Discussed Problems May Be Even More Severe" - at
    "Questioning Intel's Future" - at The Motley Fool
    "Sun and Intel Cozy Up to P2P, 'Cause There's More of It to Love" - at
    And a bunch of headlines about cut earnings estimates... I think they speak for themselves :)

    "We put the <i>fun</i> back into fundamentalist dogma!"
  6. Quote:
    He is only 13 years old and is only saying these things to upset the people on the board.

    Looks like it works!
    As long as people keep replying to these posts, we will also keep getting them.

    b.t.w. - I really like my K7 1200MHz. It's really hot!
    (at least - that's what AsusProbe keeps telling me...)

    <i><font color=purple>Running within specs is the key to a stable computer!</font color=purple></i>
  7. AMDmeltdown is right you morons the industry dont care what you has been wanna bes have to say it moves when intel does intel does all the r&d and amd picks up the scraps strip the technology down and put it in there processors . of course prove me wrong invest in yer [-peep-] hole company get its stocks to go above 1.60 if it does you can still kiss my p3 :o


    Stop smokeing that weed and smoke what im smokeing almost make amd look good :0
  8. Spud, that post COULDN'T have been serious, could it??? "what you has been wanna bes have to say." WOW! That is pretty frickin impressive dude. Did you get hit in the head with a ball pean hammer yesterday, or were you born as stupid as you are? Let the world know, as the scientific community could learn much from a specimen such as yourself.

    You do realize AMD's stock is about $25 a share, right? Where this $1.60 came into is beyond me. I think I will correct your post with proper grammar:

    "AMDmeltdown is right you morons! The industry doesn't care about what you have been saying, it moves when Intel does all the R&D! Then, AMD picks up the scraps, strips the technology down, and puts it in their processers. Of course, prove me wrong and invest in your ass hole company. Get it's stock to go above $1.60, and if it does you can still kiss my P3! :O


    Stop smoking that weed and smoke what I'm smoking, then AMD will almost look good :O"

    I hope I got it right, and hopefully others reading can now understand just what you were pathetically attempted to get across.

    "We put the <i>fun</i> back into fundamentalist dogma!"
  9. god, I never thought that my post would hurt so many ppl's feelings, I am so ashamed of myself!

    please, listen to my <A HREF="" target="_new">apology.</A>

    "Amd cpu...Gone in 2 secs flat, it truly is a fast chip!"
  10. I understand your frustration, Intel Processors has some thermal safeguards, AMD does not!
    On the other hand AMD tolerates higher temperatures than Intel. So in order for you to burn out an Athlon you must have done something terribly wrong, or maybe the athlon was faulty to begin with?

    I once fried a Pentium Pro 60 Mhz, Delivered complete from Intel, motherboard CPU and Cooler. Intel stated that the Pentium Pro needed a fan. They did not supply one themselves. When I contacted them to get a fan, they said it wasnt required, because they used extra large heatsinks!!! 14 days later the fan was included in new systems.
    The system was meant to work as a server, but never even worked reliably as a Workstation!!! We never got the fan from Intel!!!
    By the way the system was meant to work with 256 MB of RAM. This was back in the days of Windows 3.11. Prior to purchase of the system, I had contacted Microsoft regarding the amount of RAM supported by Windows. I was told Windows could handle 512 MB RAM. I contacted Intel, and asked if their system supported 256 MB RAM with Windows, and was told yes. Did it work??? Of course not!!!
    The memory manager delivered with DOS 6.0 and Windows 3.11 only supports 64 MB.
    Both Intel and Microsoft couldnt find a solution in 3 weeks. Even though they had said it shouldnt be a problem. Thanks to QEMM I finally got it to work. One wonders whats going on sometimes, if you pay you license to get support, your a fool. I have never got a qualified answer from Microsoft or Intel. Ups sorry i actually got one once from Intel. I have never contacted AMD for support, it hasnt been nescessary.

  11. I have to admit you keep this forum alive.
    Your three line post has at least 1000 words in reply.

    "648kb is all the space anyone would ever need!"

    Bill Gates, 1980s
  13. Since this post was started my AmdMeltDown, how long do you think it will be before Fugger enters the fray? If this post continues, I give him 6 after me.

    What's a signature? Oh, those words that show up after all my comments? I don't need one of those!
  14. I'm getting this mental picture of AmdMeltdown wearing one of those novelty hats with a battery operated fan for cooling. Then the fan fails...... and AmdMeltdown's head explodes!
  15. God damn brainwashed intel followers
  16. Hey, I'm all for AMD. I was just imagining a way to stop AmdMeltdown's posts in a "poetic justice" kind of way.
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