120Hz or 2560x1440

Deciding on picking up a new monitor. Im huge gamer but my job is also in video and design.

So do I get a 120Hz monitor in 1920x1080


a 2560x1440 monitor at 60Hz

both 27"

these are the two I would be interested in so far.




So help me decide! Pros..cons. Price difference and so on.


forgot rig specs.

i7 970 at 4.0Ghz
12GB of DDR3 at 1800mhz
GTX 690

I think thats really all that matters.
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  1. If you shall buy a 120Hz monitor. Go for Samsung S27A950D / 750D. Those are the best gaming monitors out there.

    If you work much from home 2560x1440 also is a good idea though.
  2. If you go with 120hz/3D gaming monitor, go with what you chose, not the Samsung. Samsungs don't work with 3D Vision 2, and I see a lot of reviews from people on Newegg who were very disappointed with those Samsung monitors in 3D, saying they were very dark, unlike the Acer in my signature, and that ASUS has lightboost that is even brighter yet.

    The Samsung is good if you have an AMD graphics setup.
  3. 2560x1440@60
    pros: you can view 1080p footage within an editor window while retaining space for toolbars, greater sharpness due to higher pixel density when viewing native resolution content, high resolution meshes well with all types of design work, games will look sharper than 1080p provided they are rendered at this native resolution
    cons: viewing fullscreen 1080p is less crisp than on a native 1080p panel, gaming on a higher resolution panel requires a higher end system than 1080p would, no 1080p 3d.

    pros: view 1080 content better, 3d, smoother display
    cons: stuck with a crappy tn panel, less crisp


    ideally 2560x1440 unless you want to view 1080p content as best as you can, dont want to fork out for a new video card a little sooner than you would on a 1080p system or if 3d matters alot to you.
  4. 2560x1440.

    The only pro for 120hz (I think) is potentially smoother feeling game play and general usage. Other than that, I think 2560x1440 takes the cake in all aspects especially considering you have a 690. I think it would be a waste of graphics power if you didn't get a 2560x1440. Heck, if you wanted (and depending on where you live), get a 120hz and a 2560x1440. Take a look at this monitor offered by Microcenter.

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