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Hi, I've recently changed the location of my public folder by booting into safe mode and changing it in the properties to my D drive for more space for a media streamer. Some weird problem occured where the folder reverted back to its normal mode after a few days and my public videos folder is now completely gone. How to I bring the folder back and permanently make it a folder from the D drive.
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  1. The Public Folder must be kept on the system drive otherwise Windows won't be able to find it where it expects it to be.
    That's why you cannot move it from within Windows - you are not supposed to move it.
  2. Is there anyway to restore the public videos folder where it use to be. Also is there any way to create a folder on my D drive to share through my local network. I've tried creating the folder going into the properties and tweaking the sharing options. The only time it worked is when I changed that folder in D drive to be the location of my public videos content until all this weird stuff happened.
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