Playing 720p games on a 1080p monitor?

Just curious how this would work because I would like to play console games on my monitor.
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  1. It should be similar to playing console games on a 1080p resolution HDTV. The graphics should be stretched to fill the entire screen.
  2. So would you suggest against it?
  3. I'll see if I have time to post some screenshots of PC games rendered at 1366x768, but displayed at 1920x1080 tomorrow (Aug 21st) or Wednesday (Aug 22nd).

    You can always hook up your console to your HDTV and see for yourself. Generally, console gamers don't complain about poor graphics quality unless the graphics in the game itself truly sucks. The only difference between a HDTV and a monitor will be the size.
  4. Sorry, my mom went on a month long vacation and she took my camera.

    However, if you have ever played pr watched a console game on an HDTV that is what 720p stretched to 1080p will look like.
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