Upgrading a Dell PIII Processor?

I have a Dell XPS T PIII 500 mhz processor that I would like to upgrade. While Dell will not give me a straight answer about upgrading the chip, I believe that I can based upon the following information regarding my board:

<quote>Microprocessor speeds 450 MHz internal/100 MHz external
500 MHz internal/100 MHz external
550 MHz internal/100 MHz external
600 MHz internal/100 MHz external
650 MHz internal/100 MHz external
700 MHz internal/100 MHz external
750 MHz internal/100 MHz external
800 MHz internal/100 MHz external
850 MHz internal/100 MHz external</quote>

Based upon the aboved information, I am planning on purchasing---

256Kw/FAN & Heatsink RETAIL BOX 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty! Intel Part Number: BX80526U850256E</i>

Is this the correct chip and will it work? Thanks, in advance, for your assistance.

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  1. the problem is that you have to find out if your mother board will be able to tell that the cpu has a coppermine core in it because the katmia core run ate higher volategs than the copper mine and pretty sure you proablly have a katmai core cpu right know

    you can get convter to flip chip that has voltage controlls on so you can run a coppermine core
    but sounded like to much work and the fact that it might not fit right with the added hiegth of the adapter

    don't try to change the mobo
    my frined tried change his board in his dell and ended up blowing the power supply
    luckly not the new mobo

    i ran in to the same problem with compaq so i decided the heck with it and decide to get more ram didn't much but it
    helps me run more apps at once
  2. I have the same setup, with the proper bios updates it can use the coppermine so you can do better. I am upgrading too but I am getting new mobo/cpu/ram/vid card/ and yes power supply. Your friend should have checked into that.
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