Can we clear up my confusion on AMD currently...

I thought *RETAIL* AMD Athlon TBirds with the 266 FSB were out right now, but everywhere I look I see either OEM or nothing next to the product (which I assume is OEM because if it was retail, it seems as though they would advertise it). And I'm sure I want the retail version because of the whole issue about OEMs possibly having an aluminum core instead of copper and being rejects, etc (stable's posts). Can anyone shed some light on this subject and perhaps tell us some dates or approximate times if the retail chips aren't out yet and anything else directly related to this subject. Thanks.
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  1. These days it seems that when ever intel/amd release a new product it takes at least a month after they say you can buy it before you actually can. This is what we call a paper release, they say it is released a certain day but you can't get your hands on it.
  2. Do Retail Athlon T-Birds have Heat sinks attatched on to them?

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  3. Some retail Athlons come with "approved" fans that you're told to use to ensure your processor's warranty. These fans dont come pre-attached to the processor, they're just boxed with them. There is a ton of info on installing cooling fans in this forum, you can also go to for fans,fan info, etc.

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  4. No they are not available right now, although they should be <b>**EXTREMELY SOON**</b>. It really sucks that it's been delayed so long.....

    As for the other question, there is no difference between the CPUs themselves in OEM or Retail packages. The only difference is the accesssories (warranty, box, manual, heatsink, sticker, etc.).

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  5. You mean Taisol, right? Because that is the heatsink/fan that retail AMd chips come with. :wink:

    "648kb is all the space anyone would ever need!"

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  6. heres a copy of an e-mail i recieved today.:

    The 266 FSB parts are being manufactured and sold now. However, they may be
    hard to find until they filter out into the retail channel. As for
    different versions of the part? I would have to say that this is incorrect.
    We do have 2 manufacturing facilities (Austin Tx, and Dresden Ger.). The
    Dresden facility is equipped to manufacture processors using copper
    interconnects. The interconnects are the things that internally connect the
    transistors together. While the copper interconnects do offer better
    conductivity than the aluminum, they do not change the performance of the
    processor. Copper interconnects only allow us to hit higher speeds later
    on. This will become more important on our 64 bit processors when we need
    to hit very high speeds. In any case, there are not different versions of
    the T-Bird and there are no price differences on our side. If resellers try
    to market and price these parts different, I cannot say. But from our
    perspective, a 1.2Ghz T-bird is a 1.2Ghz T-bird. The only difference will
    be the FSB speed 200 vs. 266.

    i bought my t-bird 800 at a show oem , its 40 % over spec at 143/7 ( 133/33 plus hst clk 10 x 7 and running great and stable not to mention benchmarking off the charts!

    any t-bird over 1000mhz has the copper interconnects and any under use aluminum.

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