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I have an Accer 4730z and I am unable to connect to my home wifi network. It will run on lan but not my wifi. When I try to log on to the Internet it says that it has an excellent connection, however when I open the Internet browser Internet Explorer/FireFox I receive an error message that says its unable to establish a connection. I took the laptop to the techs at staples and they were able to fix the problem. Apparently one of the isp settings was wrong (box unchecked). However When I arrived home home and tried the Internet it gave me the same results as before. So again I took it to Staples and again it was the same issue and they were able to resolve the issue. After walked out of Staples I tried to connect to there wifi from the parking lot and it worked, I then drove to Starbucks and was able to successfully connect to there wifi. When I arrived home I wasn't so lucky. I checked all the settings and they were in the correct positions (I have tried all combinations) I drove back into town and tried it at my cousins house who has a different service provider and it did not work. I drove back by Staples and Starbucks and it did work??? I am truly baffled, I have up to 7 computers running on my home network and have absolutely no issues with any of them except this little Accer. If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you
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  1. The public routers (Starbucks / Staples, etc) are setup to allow public access.

    Your router (and the cousins) may be setup with security to keep the network private, not accessible to the general public.

    Is your router setup to require a password / WPA key?
  2. also disabled mac filtering.

    Each network card has an address (MAC address) that the router can store it in its list. If mac filtering is enabled, only the address from this list will have access to router.
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