AMD T-bird 900Mhz problem

My computer keeps rebooting on its own. This problem didn't start until I upgraded my cpu. I have a FIC SD-11 motherboard with 384 meg of pc100 memory. I upgraded from an AMD Athlon K7-500 to a AMD Thunderbird 900. I have 3DCOOL's Athlon Freezer Pro heatsink and fan on my cpu. I have a temperature monitor on my cpu, and it never goes over 79 degrees F. I am running Windows 98se.
I slicked my hardrive and re-installed everything. I flashed my bios to the latest version. I downloaded the latest drivers for all my hardware. I went to windows update and updated to the latest fixes. Even after all this, the reboot problem still occurs.
Any ideas what is going on? Could the memory be failing at the higher speed? Please help!
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  1. The motherboard you are tryin ght use is an old AMD 750 chipset motherboard. Probably the reason this is happening is because the motherboard isn't stable using high speed processers. The 900 MHz you are trying to use is probably too much for it to handle, so it crashes on you. Go to this link for more info on your motherboard.

    Another reason may be the 750 chipset and Thunderbirds. The 750 chipset was not made specifically for Thunderbird Athlons, so there may be a problem with trying to use one.

    What you'll probably need to do is either get a new Thunderboard compatible motherboard (AMD 760 or Via KT133/133A chipsets), or take your processer back and get an old Athlon at 800 mHz or so.

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  2. I spoke to a tech person at a local computer store. He said he thinks it my memory. He recommended that I use PC133 fro better stability. The FIC SD11 supports the AMD Thunderbird 900 processor according to Does this sound right to you? I would hate upgrade my board if it isn't necessary.
  3. What MB are you using?

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  4. I'm using the FIC SD-11 motherboard.
  5. some ppl can't read, huh? :smile:

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  6. Let me elaborate on what is happening. My pc will boot up okay, and windows will function okay. I can play games, etc. The system will just reboot right in the middle of something. Sometimes it happens 5 minutes after i boot up, and sometimes it happens 2 hours after i boot up. I don't get it.
  7. Being you are using the Athlon 900 in the Fic SD11 motherboard, you are using the Slot A type chip, correct? Now, under AMD's website, it gives the only recommended motherboard for Slot A Thunderbird Athlons as the Gigabyte
    GA-7IXE, up to 1000 mHz. So, AMD does not recommend the motherboard you have for any Thunderbird Athlons whatsoever. What you checked was Slot A Classic Athlons, which it is a recommended motherboard. Here is the link for the site:

    Now, the processer you have to select is Athon 900 (Slot*), the * meaning it is a Thunderbird with the ondie L2 cache.

    It is not your memory as you say it worked perfectly with your classic Athlon 500. Plus, AMD does not recommend your mobo for the processer you are trying to use in it, so that is obviously the problem. Sorry dude, but looks like you need to get a new mobo or exchange your chip.

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  8. I was afraid of that. I saw what you meant under Recommended Motherbpards, however, in, it says the SD-11 supports both the AMD K7-XXX and the AMD-AXXX cpus. How about the power supply? Mine is only 250 watts, and I have several things that need power in my machine (dvd rom, burner, internal zip, harddrive, floppy, motherboard, and case fans.) I want to make sure I've tried everything before returning the cpu. It would be a hassle since I bought it via the internet.
  9. The power supply may be a problem, but the main thing is that Thunderbird Athlons require less power than their classic Athlon cousins. What you should do is check the voltage setting that the motherboard says for the chip. A correct voltage setting for the CPU should be about 1.7 volts or so. I believe classic Athlons require 2.25 or something, so if your motherboard is setting the voltage incorrectly, that may also be a cause of the instability.

    A new power supply defiantely wouldn't hurt. I belive a 300 watt should be the bare minimum for an Athlon, especially with so many peripherals like you have. Try getting a 300-350 watter and see if that fixes the problem. If it doesn't, then most likely it's an incompatibility problem with your motherboard.

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  10. And who said AMD doesn't have incompatabilities?

    Good price/performance ratio huh? oops, it doesnt work... too bad.

    Maybe buy a new motherboard or power supply =)

    Keep guessing, and Ill keep laughing.

    My guess is you have a POS AMD CPU that is not compatable with your POS motherboard, imagine that. Usually when a machine reboots like that its from overheating, GL.

    Buy more AMD
  11. My oh my aren't you an impressive piece of work FUGGER. Hey, my old 440BX motherboard isn't compatible with a 900 MHz Pentium III, even though it should be. So the fuk what?? That's like saying because a Pentium III won't work in a Via KT133 motherboard, Pentium III's are incompatible pieces of crap. Atleast try making sense before you make a post please.

    Obviously his problem is not from overheating. As, according to you in the past, Athlons just burn up when they get too hot. Atleast try to be consistent in your bashing, okay?

    For hating Tom's hardware guide and hating the "AMD lemmings worshiping their new found god" (how pathetic), you sure like coming here a lot...

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  12. <font color=blue>"My guess is you have a POS AMD CPU that is not compatable with your POS motherboard, imagine that. Usually when a machine reboots like that its from overheating, GL."</font color=blue>

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  13. I saw this prob before with a friend helped me decide that AMD isnt by my standards ready fer prime time its most likely the mother board it might not be likeing the processors multiplier setting but dont quote me on it. But it could be the processor itself it maybe faulty because if the ram was bad youd get the blue screen lots and most likely the same with the processor but i would recommend a replacement of the board first.

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