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I'm looking to get a a 24-27" IPS panel monitor that I will mostly use for reading, gaming, watching movies and occasional photo/video editing (I hear this is where IPS displays really shine).

1) How do expensive IPS monitors stack against lower priced/generic IPS monitors for professional media use (mostly reading, gaming watching movies)?
2) In your opinion do the more expensive IPS monitors offer significant advantages over lower priced IPS displays for non professional use? Is that extra 200-300 dollars really worth it for non professional use?

How do these two monitors stack up against each other?
1)I've heard this is one of the best 24" monitors:


Will these 2 monitors be completely wasted on me?
I'm not sure if this is relevant but I do have a high end graphics card - will these monitors be able to utilize the card better (due to the card actually being able to drive certain things and having an overall higher performance)

Please feel free to recommend other IPS monitors that might suit me.

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    1) In terms of performance, they will be about the same. The only real difference is they will be able to display more colors.

    2) For nonprofessional use, they offer no significant advantage. If you edit photos for personal use and to share with friends, then yes, the extra 200-300 you spend will not be extra money well spent because, whoever you are sharing with, also has to have an expensive monitor to see all the extra detailed work you're put in.

    About your graphics card. The only way a monitor will be able to take better advantage of your graphics card is if it has more pixels. Using the Dell U2412M priced at ~$300 as our benchmark, spending an extra ~$400 dollars on a 2560x1440 resolution may be worth it. It all depends on how deep your wallet is.

    I would not recommend the U2410M over the U2412M because the $150 more you will spend isn't really going to be worth it because your are not a professional who requires the extra color.

    You can usually find 2560x1440 monitors for ~$700+. All these will have high quality professional IPS panel but you're getting a lot more pixels to go with it. Another option to consider if the higher resolution tickles your fancy is taking a look at your local Microcenter (if you have one) for this monitor or import one from Korea.

    Just take a look at these two links to get an idea for what price the higher resolution monitors come at.!493964%2Cn%3A541966%2Cn%3A1292115011%2Cp_n_feature_keywords_browse-bin%3A3821872011&sort=price

    The first two monitors you see on Amazon are Korean monitors that will have to be imported.

    Also, if you want to do more research on more panels that may suite your need, browse through this site to get an idea on how various panels perform.
  2. Here are some other IPS monitors if you're looking into more options:
  3. For the average person the only difference between the more expensive H-IPS and S-IPS monitors compared to the less expensive e-IPS monitor is the response time. The expensive IPS monitors are rated at 6ms vs. 8ms for e-IPS monitors. I say "rated" because it is not an exact science, but typically lower means better because you are less likely to notice ghosting effects. Non hardcore gamers will say that monitors even as slow as 12ms response time show very little ghosting effects in fast pace games.

    Personally I like H-IPS monitors. I've never seen / used an e-IPS panel monitor so I can't actually tell you if there are any visual differences that the average user would be able to see. From a specifications point of view, there are huge differences (especially in much higher end IPS monitors), but the average user will likely not care nor notice the difference.
  4. I just went through a similar decision myself... I decided on an LN monitor vs an e-ips (dell u2412) mostly because from what I read the e-ips monitors are barely better than an LN. the dell has a little more pixels, a wider viewing angle (the one thing everyone agrees on is ips is better for that, although for a one person work station that doesn't matter at all), and they have the same amount of display colors as LNs...

    Basically what I'm getting at is get a higher end IPS if your wallet can afford it, the e-IPS sounds almost like a gimmick- new technology at a higher price but not any significant increase in performance.
  5. Thanks for all the responses. Fortunely I do have a micro center near me and I'm considering getting that monitor or importing one of the Korean ones. What is an LN monitor?
  6. Maybe he meant TN? I'm not sure what an LN panel is. I think having a wide viewing angle is important because even on a small 22" TN panel, there is color shift on the top and bottom of the panel even when viewing head on.
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