Installing a new heatsink/fan

Okay, here's hoping you knowledgable folks can help me out:

I am about to install a new heatsink/fan on my Athlon machine and was hoping for some tips/tricks/walk-through on how to best do this as I've never done anything more than slap one with a thermal pad on it that came with the processor.

So, I currently have a 900Mhz Athlon Thunderbird with the "standard" cooler master heatsink/fan (w/ thermal pad) that it came with. This is all attached and set up on my motherboard.

I have a GlobalWin FOP32-1 and a tube of Arctic Silver en route.

The question is, once I remove my current heatsink/fan how do I best clean off the processor. Then, what are the proper techniques for applying the Arctic Silver compound and installing the new GlobalWin?

Thanks a bunch.
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  1. Listen to me!!!!!!!!
    I have that exact same fan and heatsink

    the metal lever that clips on one side of the socket and u push down on the other is EXTREMELY hard to get down
    I almost cracked my motherboard doing this the first time
    but what i reccommend is..

    That metal part that goes thru the heatsink try and bend it down as far as you can to begin with , it will make it way easier
    they make the damn thing so tight i didnt think i would get it on..

    If u need any help e-mail me at
  2. You might think about lapping/sanding the bottom of the heatsink, with some 600-1000 grit sand paper. It takes a while, but it will make a difference. You can also use a small plate of copper, but you can always add that later. No matter what you do, scrape that pink 'thermal pad' off the bottom of the fop32.

    I use brake cleaner sprayed on a cotton cloth to wipe most of the old paste off the cpu. Then a little isopropyl alcohol, just to clean off some of the residue. If you're going to unlock the cpu, now's the time to do that to.
    Start with a small amount of artic silver on the cpu, and smooth it out. You want a layer of around .5mm thick. You can bend the heatsink clip where it's less tight, but if you still have the small rubber pads on the processor die, then you won't have to worry about it. Slap that heatsink on, plug in the fan, and you're set.
  3. My advice: take the heatsink/fan combo apart and take the metal clip out and bend it out. Test the new bend in the clip with just the heatsink on your cpu until u find a bend that u are comfortable with that will not crack your motherboard or your cpu. Once you find the right bend, reassemble the heatsink/fan combo and install! Always take precautions first, you can overbend the clip and then just bend it back if it's not right, but u can't just mush a broken cpu/mobo back together :P.
  4. I totally agree about sanding the bottom of the heatsink. I have an FOP38 which I lapped with some 320, then 600, then some 1500 grit and buffed up to a nice shine. It took about 3-4 degrees off my previous unsanded temps with the same HSF.

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