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Dear Friends,
Some months ago I wrote to this forum asking about which computer components should I buy to have a fast processing computer so that I could build websites, work with graphics and edit some videos. At that time I would buy a Asus A7V133, AMD athlon Thundebird 800, 128 or 256 MB PC133 SDRAM.
As I din´t buy at that moment I ask for your help to tell me what should I change. If I should spend a little more and get better components. If I should buy DDR components, etc...
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  1. seeing that ram is so cheap right now, I would get more of that. If you are working with big files, you can never have too much. Also, I would watch out for ATI, they have crap customer service... so get the card if you don't think you will ever have to contact them about anything. :)


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  2. I'd read Tom's article on Geforce and nVIDIA. He tests different processor and video card configurations. In his conclusion he indicates you dont have to buy the fastest processor when doing graphics, 1 GHz. will do the trick. Its your video card that makes the difference in some tests, look into the Geforce 2 MTS or Pro.

  3. I already have an Diamond Open GL 8 MB video card. Do you think it is not good enough ?
    Ok. But what about the rest of the config. Motherboard, processor, etc... Did you like the set I am willing to buy ?
    Thanks again ?
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