Vaio notebook stuck entering dos mode

Hello, I have recently rediscovered my old Sony Vaio Notebook (PCG-505E) Running Windows 98.
I have cleaned it up, defragged it and got it running pretty well however I just tried to boot it in DOS mode and it is now stuck, very stuck! I got the following messages:
Windows 98 is now starting your MS_DOS based program.
PhoenixCARD Manager Version 4.02G
Ricoh RL5C465.466.475.476.478/RB5C478 PC Card Socket Services (5.00) Revision 3.16
Copyright (blah-blah)
Ricoh RL5C475 detected.

And thats all, it doesnt go any further no c:/ prompt. Ctrl+Alt+Del just starts it back this way again, I am totally stuck here any suggestions anyone?
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  1. Try powering off and on boot head to your bios. Than work through and see if you can get it to boot back to windows. If not you probalby have a faulty part or parts in your old laptop.
  2. Hi, thanks but theres nothing in the bios that will help, it only has the drive order ie floppy / cd / HDD even though it doesn't have a CDrom, it used to be used with a Card adaptor years ago.

    What I forgot to mention is that its been fine on windows for the last week or so (since I rediscovered it) and had already been powered up/down many times during this period, its only trying to boot to DOS today that has it stuck.
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