Dual 27" monitors or dual 24 inch monitors? Dell u2410 or u2711?

Which setup would you buy given the following circumstances:

I can get a pair of refurbished u2410s with an add on 2 year warranty for roughly $650. I found a source for the dell u2711 for 750/monitor. so the dual 27" setup would be 1500$. Big price difference bewteen the two setups, but I hear that the 27" inch monitor is superior due to higher resolution. I have a 27 inch iMac right now, and I am used to the screen after 2 years of use, although I do find myself squinting to read text sometimes.

These monitors will be powered by an NVIDIA quadro 2000d video card.

I would like to mount the monitors on something like this: http://www.ergomart.com/multi-lcd-mount/AM-2-2P-multi-lcd-mount-dtl.htm

Any thoughts and/or experiences/preferences?
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  1. If it fits the budget then get the 27" monitors. You may also want to take a look at the HP ZR2740w on newegg for $679.99 per monitor. I would read these two reviews and decide from there depending on the features you need.


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