[urgent] some questions before I buy this laptop

I want to buy dv7-4290us.

First question: It only has USB2 ports. Is there any hardware I can add to it, or anyway that I can use to be able to use (and fully benefit) of USB3 devices?

Second question: It has 1TB 5400RPM, if I take it out and put it in a chassis, will USB2 bottleneck it?

Third question: It has AMD HD6570 1024MB DDR3, is there a big difference in performance between DDR3 and DDR5? It's not like I will do a lot of gfx intensive work, but even for small work, will it be a big difference? (I don't think it depends on work load as they both have same size of memory.)

Fourth question: I want to buy an SSD to put it in place of the HDD, is Crucial C300 the best to buy?

Sorry for the big number of questions :D Please answer as much as you can. I just want to buy something to enjoy and that will relief me. Thank you.
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  1. Hello wajed;

    #1: No.
    #2: It's not necessary to take the 1TB HDD out of the laptop to add a SSD. It has two drive bays.
    #3: There is a performance difference. It is not huge. -> Are you buying this for a gaming laptop?
    #4: Crucial C300 is an excellent choice. What size?
  2. 1)Bad news. So why are they selling a brand you laptop without it having USB3 support? I don't know what to say...Really, like any thing I can do? I heard that there are cables with 2 USB2 -> 1 USB3, is there anything like that?

    2)Great news.

    3)No, not for gaming. But I don't want it to slow me down for no reason. And btw is it replacable?

    4)Maybe 256GB or 128GB... or (as ur saying there are two places) maybe 2 128GB :D
  3. 2 128GB in RAID0 I meant...
  4. #1 No, you can't splice USB2 ports and get USB 3 out of them. It's a cost saving measure to go with USB2.
    If you can wait a bit plenty of USB 3 equipped laptops on the way.

    #3 It will do some decent 3D gaming.
    Slow what down? It won't make you a faster typer.
    Mobility Radeon HD 6570

    #4 128GB is plenty with the 1TB 5400 HDD for files and programs not used frequently.
  5. Well, how about 2 64GB in RAID?
    Also if I do this, will there be TRIM support?
  6. And I have one more question please. Will I be able to add an audio card?
  7. Or is the one inside (Beats) a high quality one?
  8. No audio card add on possible. Not a Beats Edition. OK, looks like it is a Beats edition.

    What are you doing that you need SSD in RAID?
  9. High quality speakers in a laptop?
  10. No, I was asking about the quality of Beats, the laptop already has Beats card. This is what is exactly mentioned "Beats Audio and HP Triple Bass Reflex Subwoofer"

    And, lol, nothing... just would love to have a blazing speed :D
  11. At newegg it says:

    128GB: $264.99

    64GB: $121.99

    So I have double speed and even less price.
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