can anyone please help with lock-up problem?


I recently put together (yet another) PC and I'm experiencing some problems. I was hoping someone could help me out!

The system consists of: Thunderbird 900, 512 MB Micron PC133 SDRAM, Asus A7V mobo, IBM 45GB 75GXP HD, Sound Blaster Live 1024, 3Com Etherfast III NIC and USR 2976 Modem, golden orb fan, and finally, an AMD approved case with 300 W. power supply.

Here is my problem... Every time I use the computer, I suffer from random lock ups. It could be 30 seconds the computer has run, it could be 8 hrs (if I leave the computer sitting, it does not lock up... only when in use). These locks have occurred in Win98 and Win2K Pro.

Most often, it locks up around 10-15 minutes into a web surfing session. When it locks up, I often still have control of the mouse, but cannot click on anything. Sometimes the mouse is locked also. I have locked up before and had Winamp playing and it continued to play although the system was apparently locked.

I have replaced the RAM with Mushkin ram from my other computer and it continues to lock, although it seems not quite as often(I think). I have purchased two different fans and tried them both to see if it was overheating the CPU, but still locks.

Is it my mobo? Is it my CPU?

If anyone can help me I would die a grateful man!

Thank you

Chris McBride
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  1. Check for IRQ conflicts or sharing. You should have all add in cards, or try atleast, on their own IRQ. Video, Sound, networking, maybe even modem, should be on their own IRQ. The fact that you still hear winamp leads me to beleive its not a CPU lockup, or sound lockup, or video lock up because you can still use the mouse. It's a pretty confusing problem... You say you replaced the RAM so that's obviously not it. Maybe it was the way you installed Windows. What file system did you use? I think the prefered one is FAT32, but Win2K gives choices. To me, your problem sounds like a Windows Snafu. Maybe try reformating and reinstalling both Windows using FAT32, if you currently aren't. But, I've never really dealth with that problem so I'm not sure if that would help.

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  2. Its not a cpu or motherbaord problem

    something is just set wrong or conflicting

    As the last guy said check for conflicts in irq's

    also go into Cmos (bios) with ur manual and make sure everything is set properly according to yuor manual
  3. ok unfortunetley i have a little experience here, a liittle.

    As i understand it there are several possibilities so lets start with memory.

    wich version of windows are you going to run?

    with any 9x version , ie 95 , 98 , 98se, me 512 mbs is going to be trouble.

    the swap file usage and virtual memory have problems with more than 384 mbs, they actually run best with 256mbs .

    if you are serving and setting up nt or win 2000 then 512 will run but you need to configure windows to work with that much.
    so i would start with less memory until you get things up and running if for nothing else then to eliminate the possibility of that being your problem.

    before we continue remember this could be as simple as one irq conflict thus making the rest of this post in vain so check it out.
    you may not need to start all over, so look carefully and remember your dealing with windows, your smarter.

    next, when you loaded the machine did you get the latest update to windows first and then begin the process of loading all your drivers and then checking for all the latest versions?
    is the hard drive a new hard drive?

    did you set it up properly?

    also when you first set it up ( if you start over) only install 1 hard drive, 1 cdrom or disc player of choice ( for loading), 1 floppy,and your vid card.
    this will help eliminate irq conflicts.
    also be sure not to use a shared pci , i forget which mobo you said you were using but with my abit kt7a-raid pci #5 is a shared slot, as well as pci # 6 wich is shared with an isa slot but thats not the same , you just use one or the other there pci/isa so i put a pci slot fan there and never use it.
    any way load slowly and completely all 4 in 1's or the drivers for your chipset.

    do you have the mobo manual?

    check the manual for anything in the bios that may need enabling/disabling based on your physical configuration

    do you have direct x 8 and the dxdiag tool? or sisoftsandra utility?
    if you can get stable enough you might want to referrence one of these or a similair type of system tool to help you isolate the problems.
    or if you know your way around your operating system you can check each item on your own for shared resources etc...

    monitor your system temp, and know what the max should be for your setup, 55 to 60 degrees celcius i believe. my 800 runs 40% over spec at 1000mhz at 46 to 55 degrees celcius.

    I hope something here helps, if not dont give up, go slow.
  4. Does lockup happen when surfing only? Or will it happen when your not connected, also. Or are you always connected?
  5. I had similar problems when I upgraded from a P233 MMX to a K6-2. I believe the problem was that the motherboard voltage regulator was unable to provide all the current the K6-2 required. When I switched to a K6-3+ (which draws less current) the problem went away. Changing just the power supply, however, didn't do any good. I suppose it might in your case -- I'd try it if I had another one available.

  6. Make sure the netword adapter doesn'T share IRQ.
  7. Did you install the latest via 4 in 1 drivers? download the lastest not the ones on the cd.

  8. Buy more AMD.

    The price/performance was well worth the hassel im sure.

    GG AMD.
  9. If it only locks-up in Internet Explorer try turning off smooth scrolling. Don't ask me why but it works for me.

    I had the problem in both IE 5.0x and 5.5. Well, 80% of the time it was the problem you described. 20% I saw Exception errors. Interesting but strange that I could always reproduce the problem when creating a message on Microsoft's Hotmail, otherwise the problem was very spotty, It only occured while using Internet Explorer.

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  10. Easy if you know what your doing! Guess that is why you can't build one.

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